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Believe it or not there are still some businesses not on the social media bandwagon. Some are holding out because they see social media as a trend. Others are hesitant because of all the alleged “bad” attention these outlets can bring, whereas some businesses simply don’t understand the benefit of

One of the biggest things I learned during my stint in television news was that sex sells. I’m not talking about physically but verbally. When you write, whether it is a short story, a monthly newsletter or a press release use vibrant, exciting words to grab your audience’s attention.¬†Pick interesting¬†choices

Many of us aren’t born natural speakers, so if you fall into this category here are a few tips to point you down the right path: 1.) Collect Your Thoughts. Before you write your speech figure out exactly what you want to say and which key points you want to

Often people make the word communication plural without realizing that adding ‘s’ totally changes the meaning. Communications deals with the field of technical transmission of information through radio, telephones, etc. Whereas communication is the study of how conversations are received, understood, and how their meanings are deduced. Communication deals with