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Heather Vaughan

Heather Vaughan

Heather Vaughan is a seasoned communication specialist with media experience spanning print, broadcast and digital mediums to marketing as well as graphic design.

From being a news reporter to a website manager, Heather has worked in all different genres of communication. She specializes in copy writing and editing, plus she is a master of social media management, advertisement creation and public speaking.

When Heather is not working, she spends time with her family and furry friends!

We’ve all been there staring our wardrobe in the face-wondering what to wear to the office. How do you choose? What do you pick? What are work no no’s? Sometimes this situation is more trying for women, so guys forgive me but this post will be geared towards ladies primarily. I always

While you may think the hardest part of working from home is choosing between yoga pants, I assure you it is not. As a recent member of the club, I must admit I used to feel this way, but once I consistently started to do it I quickly realized I

If you don’t realize the importance of networking, shame on you! Almost half of workers attribute the common practice to landing them a job, and with social media sites today such as LinkedIn this age old activity keeps getting easier. Even though you probably don’t realize it, Pew Research Center estimates everyday

Last week while texting my nephew, I noticed something different. Instead of using “LOL” he used “Haha”. It caught me off guard, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it. To my surprise, Good Morning America did a story yesterday morning on how the popular text phrase “LOL” is out and

I’m sure Subway never thought their spokesperson, Jared Fogle, would be under investigation for having sex with a sixteen year old girl when they originally selected him years ago; which is why picking a person to represent your brand is so important. Whether it is a webmaster, social media expert,

If you’re like me, you have several social media profiles. At present, I have seven active accounts, which I regularly update. I’m sure those of you reading this operate way more, but for someone who is a mom, working girl, HOA President and a farm manager- seven is a lot!

Has anyone noticed the subtle marketing attempts by Honda lately? If not, click on the links I’ve attached to this post. It seems they are targeting children of the 1980’s and teens of the 1990’s and since I fall into those categories I’m going to focus on this marketing ploy

I’ve recently started a career as a spokesperson and am thoroughly enjoying it! I mean what’s not to love? I get paid to be pretty, right? Well, not exactly. While some might think that’s what I do, actually a lot goes into being the face of a business. All good

All of us are emitting a brand, whether we know it or not personally and professionally. At the office, our work ethic and appearance scream our brand to co-workers. Whereas our social media profiles do the same yet maybe in a louder, more colorful manner. Regardless of what your brand

Video can be very useful to market yourself or business if used in the right ways. Check out the following article with some fabulous tips on how to use it appropriately: