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How to Make Your Social Sites Sizzle

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Since social media is now an important and expected part of marketing for small businesses, the question has transitioned from “Should we?” to “How do we effectively use social profiles to our advantage?” In this post, I’ll give some suggestions on tools to use and some to stay away from.

One of the first things, I focus on with my clients is content. What kind of information is the business posting regularly? Internal, external, a mix of both? Just text or is the media manager using a blend of video, text and stills? While all of these questions may seem silly, in reality its quite the opposite. Followers want to see a mix of posts featuring all available forms of media, and generally (especially with those pesky millennials, which keep in mind I am one) they desire it to be generated internally instead of just a bunch of shares or retweets. Yes, it is a good rule of thumb to do a certain number of shares and retweets each day(think of that old statement, ‘I’ll scratch my back, if you scratch mine)- in order to increase friends and followers as well as your reach; but that can’t be it. In order to be successful socially in 2016, your business must produce a medley of internal and external content.

Besides content, each small business owner needs to ask him or herself whether or not they’re using the right profiles. For example, if you’re a wedding planner you definitely should have a Pinterest profile, an accountant not so much. However the accountant could use YouTube or Periscope regularly to offer tax prep tips or financial help. It’s important to use social mediums that are going to get you the most bang for your buck and the most exposure to your target audience. I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions to the rule, but usually this is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind and weigh out with your webmaster or social media manager. If together, neither of you have any idea how to use it, then stay away from it! There’s nothing worse than having an account, that’s virtually inactive;to quote one of my fave lines from ‘Mean Girls’, “It’s social suicide”.

I overheard a small business owner chatting the other day about the great tool of syncing. This individual handled his profiles himself and thought the ability to link all of them together was a gift from God. I’m hear to tell you right now it isn’t and will hurt you in the long run. Posting the same content in the same format on all your sites is boring and will decrease page visits as well as followers. On certain sites you are limited on how many profiles you can follow so if I know a certain business is going to post the exact same thing on Instagram as well as Twitter, why waste my spot friending them on all of their social outlets. Capisce? This is why its so important to mix content and posting styles up continuously. Let me be clear, I’m talking about synced posts not scheduled ones. There is a difference. Scheduled posts are a blessing if you’re a social media manager, but not all profiles have the capability. Visit your app store for more help.

Another question I get a lot is, “What do I post?”. Well to solve that problem, I recommend a communication plan. Come up with a list of relevant topics in advance and post accordingly. This is the easiest way, in my opinion, to eliminate that constant concern.

As always my pleasure, and if you or someone you know is in need of social media help, don’t hesitate to message me!

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