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Does Your Boss Walk The Line?

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Supposedly Johnny Cash wrote his famous song ‘Walk The Line’ after his beloved June Carter called him out on some “alleged” bad behavior. He didn’t take kindly to her allegations thus penning one of the greatest anthems ever written. Today with that old tune playing in the background, I wonder how many bosses ‘walk the line’ or stray far, far from it in this age of everything goes.

Years ago I used to have a boss who would go out drinking with subordinates. This behavior back-fired at the office because the ‘after hours’ crowd expected the same friendly treatment, which put my employer in a tough spot. While watching all this drama unfold, I learned a valuable lesson- bosses should never engage in behavior with employees that jeopardizes their position. I know, I know. It may seem like common sense, but in this era of ‘lets be friends’ the lines appear a bit more blurred.

Which brings me to a topic that is definitely foggy-social media. Time and time again, I’ve noticed more and more employers ‘friending’ their employees. Why? If it’s so you can spy on them, please get a life. What your employees do after hours is none of your business unless it disturbs their performance at work. If its so you can relate to them better, please find a more traditional approach. Friending them while you are their boss opens a Pandora’s box neither of you want to deal with. Not to mention it allows them to peek inside your personal life and maybe use it against you.

Once your employee/ employer relationship is over I see no problem with taking your relationship to the next level but doing so to early can produce unnecessary damage to your work environment. Obviously this is just my two cents based upon personal experience, but if you have a story contrary to my beliefs, that you’d like to share, send it to me @Hvaugha1 or email me through my website www.heather-vaughan.com

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