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Someone Is Always Watching

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If you are considering or known to lose it publicly from time to time, I challenge you to re-think it in the future. In this day and age of technology, we are consistently surrounded by various types of recording devices and in various states around our great country of America (including my Tar heel state) only one party is required to be privy of the recording. In other words, if you live in a state that practices this version of the law, you can be recorded without your knowledge.

As a young journalist I learned about this right first hand, when I met an adulterer for a story I was working on. He enjoyed cheating on his wife, with the help of a site you might’ve heard of called Ashley Madison.com. This man shared many erotic and disturbing things with me, yet had know idea he was being recorded. Eventually we told him, but regardless my team and I were well within our rights. This scenario reiterated to me that whenever a sticky situation arises, as long as you know you’re within your rights- roll on it! You may not use every clip you shoot, but its a good idea to have it as a referral just in case.

Unfortunately, I have an unpredictable mad man in my life who never ceases to amaze me with his nasty behavior. After countless experiences with him and his erratic behavior, I decided to record our upcoming encounter. As I expected, he starred in a one-man tirade about something ridiculous and very small. He even walked the line of assault, and the best part is I caught it all on my phone. A video file which will be helpful in court, should charges be filed.

I don’t expect every foe to be deterred by the potential threat of being recorded, humiliated virally, and prosecuted but maybe if more of us stood up to these ‘unique’ individuals, the crimes of bullying, verbal and physical assault would diminish…..

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