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Ever dealt with someone in the office or in your personal life who had no idea how to handle conflict in person? Instead of resolving problems face to face, these types of people resort to email, text or some other impersonal form of communication. Who knows why? Perhaps fear. Maybe a social disorder? Regardless of the reason, as professionals we still must respond in a way that is socially acceptable, even if inside we are full of fury.

One way I’ve found to handle these interactions is with care. Wait to respond. Think about the problem and use great thought to create your response. I recommend resolving the issue in person, that way tone or text isn’t misconstrued. Also identify the problem, what needs to be resolved, and what is the solution. It is important to be super clear, so that there is no further miscommunication.

Something else I would suggest is to let someone else read all electronic exchanges, before and after. At times, we can read into things and take words out of context. Ask a close confidant to review the conversations to make sure you are interpreting them correctly.

Save all digital or written interactions with these persons, you never know when you might need them for verification purposes.

Again above all else, conduct yourself in a professional manner always. No matter how badly they behave, don’t waiver. You’ll be thankful in the long run plus others will see your character versus theirs. Something else to keep in mind is at times they might actually be right. Make sure you keep a clear head on your shoulders, one that can discern when to lead and when to follow.

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