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Turkey Day Trouble

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Not sure if you’re like me, but I live and die by a to- do list. Every day I follow a perfectly compiled list of things I need to accomplish. I stick to it religiously and get a weird thrill when I cross something off. I know. I know it is odd, but what can I say? I’m definitely “Monica’ from Friends. Anyhow around this time of year my list is crammed full of stuff to do; things like cooking, cleaning, shopping, decorating, traveling etc. So needless to say I can be a bit scatter-brained.

One year I was working so hard to get everything marked off my list, I started mindlessly multi-tasking. Like clockwork I did several things simultaneously mostly without fail, until my determination caught up with me. My niece walked in to the kitchen and asked what I was baking in the oven. I stated clearly corn casserole and carried about my business, not giving her question a second thought. About 10 minutes later she inquired about my dish again, but with a more curious tone. I thought her inquiry odd so I peaked into the oven myself. At that moment, I realized why she was so interested in my creation. I was baking the corn casserole in a foil pan that came with a plastic travel lid, unfortunately I forgot to remove it thus cooking the melted plastic into the usually delicious dish. Immediately I panicked and fished out the now ball of plastic floating in the center of the casserole. A month later (at Christmas) I did a similar thing, only this time I left out the plastic and the corn. The dish is called CORN casserole people thus another cooking fail on my part.

I’m sure you could take a lot of away from this post, besides the fact that I’m a terrible cook; but hopefully you’ll walk away with a friendly reminder to slow down this holiday season. Pay attention to the things that are important. Put aside work or all the things you allegedly¬†‘have to get done’ and spend time with those who love you. You never know the what future holds so make the most of the present instead of living life regretting it. Happy Holidays everyone!


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