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Working From Home: A Blessing Or A Curse

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While you may think the hardest part of working from home is choosing between yoga pants, I assure you it is not. As a recent member of the club, I must admit I used to feel this way, but once I consistently started to do it I quickly realized I was wrong.

For those of you who dream about it, let me give you some background especially if you don’t have kids or pets. I started working from home last year, at first, don’t get me wrong I thought it was a blast, but once you add kids, spouses, pets or hobbies into the equation it all goes down hill. These factors suck the life out of your office plans, maybe not intentionally, but definitely repeatedly. Daily, I fight my toddler and pets for alone time. Even though I may have a sitter or in a closed off room, they find me. It’s like they are skilled hunters, tracking me to meet their needs. Once they get me, Pandora’s box opens full of requests for food, attention, and other things. Like I said it doesn’t matter if a sitter is there, my daughter or animals only want me so most of the time I have to stop in the middle of something and come to the rescue.

At the risk of rambling on, I’ll spare you my sob story (especially if you’re a ‘work from home hater’ and give you a few tips to curb the madness:

Distraction is an art form- Find something to occupy your pets and kids such as food or a new toy, in between naptimes. Also keep some ready made distractions on standby in case you have a deadline or just need some extra time.

Out of sight out of mind- If your office is within sight distance of your children or animals, move! As soon as your child or pet realizes you aren’t around to depend on they will problem solve or self-soothe on their own.

Set boundaries- If you can’t change your office location, then shut and lock the door or make it clear you are not available between certain times. It’s amazing what you can accomplish without someone or thing to bother you.

Just do it- If childcare or doggie daycare is an option, do it! Don’t feel bad about it either. Remember you are working, not baby or pet sitting. You have a responsibility to uphold not discard.

There are lots of bonuses to working from home as well. Generally you don’t have to get dressed up, unless you are face timing with someone. You can take breaks when you want and yes there is the flexibility of doing your favorite hobby during lunch. Oh and if you want to get ahead on house chores, usually there are options to jump ahead; but again these instances only happen if the above factors I mentioned cooperate.

If you have the opportunity, take it. You definitely won’t regret it; just make sure you take my advice first. Otherwise you may end up like the scary “tick lady”. Yikes!


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