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Who Is Your Target Audience?

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Has anyone noticed the subtle marketing attempts by Honda lately? If not, click on the links I’ve attached to this post. It seems they are targeting children of the 1980’s and teens of the 1990’s and since I fall into those categories I’m going to focus on this marketing ploy as well as the importance of knowing your target audience.

The first slew of commercials Honda launched featured two popular toys from the decade of excess- He-Man and Skeletor. I’m not afraid to admit I loved these two! Undoubtedly when I saw them appear in a car commercial, I focused on every word Honda wanted me to hear. Recently, I noticed a second Honda commercial featuring a family with the Mom and Dad leading a sing-a-long. All were smiling and happily belting the tune of ‘Buddy Holly” a popular Weezer hit circa 1994. Again this sense of nostalgia, got my attention- hook, line and sinker.

The main reason for these blasts from the pasts is to target people born between 1980 and 2000 better known as the Millennials. This generation of consumers is the largest since the Baby Boomers and responsible for spending $1.3 trillion. Millennials don’t fall for some of the marketing ploys of the past. They want true brands that engage, and genuinely care. They use businesses which provide top-notch customer service and use social media wisely.

Honda knows who is spending the money these days, that’s why they are using viral campaigns as well as traditional media outlets to grab hold of these individuals’ wallets. Though Honda is a global entity, small business owners as well as anyone who wants to market their service(s) or product(s) effectively should use this process. It’s called knowing your target audience and is imperative for a successful return on investment (ROI). I’ve listed some key tips to follow below:

1.) Research- Find out who you are targeting and learn everything about them.
2.) Create- Develop a marketing plan complete with objectives and strategies to reach your key audience.
3.) Implement- Use your research to reach the specific demographic.

Never launch a marketing campaign or new business without knowing your target audience first. More often then not, this key principle is cast aside only to return when business goes south.

Skeletor Honda commercial

Weezer Honda Commercial

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